Dissatisfied with the iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assistance feature, couple sues Apple and asks for $ 5 million

Users complain that the iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist feature has dramatically increased data consumption [atualizado]

The resource Wi-Fi Assistance was a welcome addition to iOS 9. In theory, what it does to use cellular data automatically when Wi-Fi connectivity is weak. This is very useful since we do not need to be disconnecting or disconnecting from a certain bad Wi-Fi network in order to have access to the desired content. But some users (like Chris Mills from Engadget and Mike Murphy from Quartz just to name two examples) are not getting along with him.

The complaint is the same: even if the feature is not activated (the Wi-Fi network icon should be grayed out when Wi-Fi Assist is being used), the use of the data plan simply skyrocketed when upgrading to iOS 9 as the feature comes activated by default after the update, it may even be the main villain of this story.

But analyzing whether the fault of Wi-Fi Assistance is not easy and requires time to carry out some tests. A lot of people are testing Apple Music while on the street, for example, and that certainly influences the use of 3G / 4G data. However, when that kind of complaint starts popping up everywhere, because there is even something wrong. It remains to be seen what error we are talking about. Is Wi-Fi Assistance being activated (without showing it) even on good Wi-Fi connections, for example? Hard to say

IOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist feature

As here in Brazil the operators do not sell more unlimited data plans (now there is a maximum ceiling and then the internet of the device is cut), it is good to keep an eye on that. If you want to turn off the feature, go to Cell Phone Settings, scroll to the bottom of the screen and disable it.

Update · 10/15/2015 s 12:56

Most likely because of the controversy that arose, Apple tried to put a support article on the air on the air, clarifying that it can generate more costs for the user.

Since you stay connected to the Internet via cellular data when you have a bad Wi-Fi connection, you may be able to use this cellular data more. For most users, this means a slightly higher percentage of usage than the previous one.

Apple didn't even say anything about possible exaggerated data expenses due to the activation of the resource, which still leaves the possibility of the resource having some kind of bug in the air, after all, we saw reports of people who doubled or even tripled the consumption of data after the arrival of iOS 9 (Wi-Fi Assistance is activated by default in the new operating system).

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