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Users complain that iOS 13.2 is killing background apps

THE iOS / iPadOS 13.2 was released earlier this week, and now a growing number of users of iPhones and iPads are complaining about a number of issues involving the latest version of Ma's mobile operating system. In some cases, devices like the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPad Pro is killing some background apps, causing them to be constantly recharged.

Several readers and participants in the forums MacRumors claimed to have had trouble reopening apps in multitasking, in many cases losing the progress of the activity they were doing, as this user reported:

I was watching a video on YouTube on my iPhone 11 Pro. I paused the video to reply to a text message. I stayed on iMessage for less than a minute. When I returned to YouTube, he reloaded the app and lost the video I was watching. I also noticed that a lot on my iPad Pro. The app windows and also the Safari windows are reloading much more often than on iOS 12. Very annoying.

Even the developer Marco Arment complained about the situation on his Twitter profile, citing other flaws that have bothered him:

Major new bugs introduced in iOS 13.2: Background downloads often hang forever and never run – apps are closed so aggressively that iOS no longer offers multitasking following the iOS 13 standard of breaking with longstanding basic functionality .

Given the "face" of the problems, many users have suggested RAM management issues; However, considering that devices like the iPad Pro have 6GB of memory, such failures should occur sporadically (during intensive use, for example), which do happen. Therefore, it is possible that iOS 13.2 (or iOS 13 in general) is consuming more memory than recommended.

Is my imagination or is iOS 13 more aggressively managing RAM? I can't keep YouTube in the background, even if it was the last app used.

More complaints can be seen in this Reddit topic and even in Apple Support Communities, such as this. From the number of reports, it can be said that the problem is big, but it does not necessarily affect everyone who has devices installed with iOS 13.2.

In addition to iPhones and iPads, even the HomePod had problems with the audioOS 13.2 update, causing Apple to release a new emergency update to address the issue. This all shows that, in fact, the current version of Ma OS is giving the company more headaches, and all of this may have to do with structural system problems.

By the way, we'll soon see an iOS 13.2.1 by