User turns old Game Boy into GamePad for Android

User turns old Game Boy into GamePad for Android

Ah, I miss you! Nostalgia has interesting ways to move us, to make us move on, finally, to search for what we need. It seems that the longing aroused the creativity of Instructables member Alpinedelta, and drew attention to a console that would not surprise us these days: the Game Boy.

This GamePad is one of the creative options for reusing technology that has been set aside. What about?

Aiming to play famous Nintendo titles on their Galaxy Nexus, but offering the experience of playing on Nintendo hardware, Chad Boughton (Alpinedelta) mixed a Wii Remote as a bluetooth interface and a Dot Matrix Gameboy, giving the new function. from the Gamepad to the 90s.

The result, as can be seen in the video below, is great. In it, Chad warns that tested with the SNES emulator, but in theory should work with others as well as on different Android devices.

Link to video on Youtube.

So today I was overwhelmed by this super creative project that generally makes use of tools accessible to users, fans of the Google operating system and games, of course. Chad put the GamePad for Android based on a Game Boy sold by eBay What did you think of this idea?

To see more images about the process of assembling this GamePad, visit Instructables page. In addition to this creation, there are other projects put in place by Chad and other site members.

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Image: Instructables

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