User creates Facebook page / petition asking Apple to speak out about Mac Pro

What happens when Apple goes exactly 18 (!) Months without updating the Mac Pro? Users get desperate and run to the streets on social networks!

Next, the first page post "We Want a New Macpro (sic)", created on Facebook and which takes a position from Ma regarding its professional tower.

Page asking for a new Mac Pro on Facebook

In free translation, our:

Ol Apple. Remember me? I am one of your faithful users. I am one of the guys who has had two MacPros (sic), a G5, a G4, four laptops, an iMac, four iPods, a MacMini (sic), four iPhones and a bunch of other peripherals and software packages in the last ten years.

I am looking for a little clarity.

Could you please let us (me and the other people in this group) know what's going on with MacPro (sic)? It has been neglected for a long time. We see all the success of the iPad and iPhone, and we are very happy with our new toys. But unfortunately, many of us need to make decisions about hardware for professional uses that allow us to make a living.

We have no desire to go to the Dark Side and buy a Windows machine. And while the community Hackintosh has made great progress, not a viable option for a professional environment. Unfortunately, you didn't leave us much of a choice! Professional software applications like CS6, AVID, Protools (sic), Smoke and others require the most powerful hardware available. The ability to configure systems with specific hardware essential for our companies. The iMac is not the answer to these situations. (Not to mention that I already have 54 inches of professional monitors sitting at my desk!)

We are holding on as long as we can. Many of us will never realize that you want to tell us that you have discontinued the MacPro (sic) line. So, I'm asking directly. Could you please let us know what your plans are? Is MacPro (sic) officially dead? Are you going to license OSX (sic) to another hardware manufacturer for building powerful desktops ? You have the best OS on the market. Please let us put it to good use!

We wait patiently. We're just asking for a little understanding. A schedule would fit well in our relationship. Please either release us and tell us that the hardware is dead or let us have a look behind the curtains. Don't ask too much. We can't wait any longer and it's not fair to tie us up all this time.

Sincerely, Lou Borella and Creative Community

Despite some exaggerations licensing OS X? , it's time for Apple to announce new Macs! And if on the one hand some have decreed the death of the Mac Pro, we have also seen some evidence that it will remain alive (1, 2).

Someone suffering, like Borella?

(via MacNews)

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