Use your phone as a webcam simply and quickly on the PC

Even though it is not a definitive solution, it is possible to use your mobile phone as a webcam through some applications, such as IVCam and Droidcam

Many people wonder if, in fact, it is possible to use the camera of the cell phone as webcambe it Android or iPhone (iOS). After all, with the current crisis of COVID-19, interpersonal dynamics started to be carried out not only in person, but virtual, such as the presentation of classes, meetings and simple conversations between friends with videoconferencing applications. For this, the use of cameras and webcams it became much more common, while its prices also inflated. However, there are some easy ways to get around the situation, using some programs. This is exactly what we will learn today.

It is important to note that these suggestions are temporary measures, that is, temporary. So, if you're looking for something simpler and can't afford to spend a lot, these tips can be very important. However, if you are looking to have more quality and stability for your conferences, it may be better to invest in a specific webcam, which we will indicate at the end of the article.

Using your phone as a webcam

First of all, we need to follow some basic steps to ensure the full connection between your mobile device and your computer. To use your mobile phone as a webcam, we can follow two main paths: use a connection via a USB cable, or Wifi network. However, keep in mind that performing this process over a wireless network requires a high internet connection, as you will be mirroring your camera to the PC, and sending this information to a communication application, such as zoom or Google Meet.

So, what else do we indicate the use of USB cable, because besides not giving any kind of interference or lag, does not harm your internet, in addition to not allowing your smartphone unload. However, it is not enough to just plug your cable into both devices and open the applications, I need to prepare the cell phone and the computer.

Getting ready to connect your Android device via USB cable

THE USB debugging a feature that allows your phone Android connect with a computer, and must be activated to connect your device via the USB cable. But be careful, do not connect your cell phone to unreliable computers, as there may be an exchange of data that you do not want between the devices.

To enable this function, the “Developer options” menu must already be enabled. It is good to note that each cell phone has its own way of disposing of this option. Therefore, if you encounter difficulties in our walkthrough, please contact the official page of your product. In our case, we will use the Moto G7 Power.

Enabling the “Developer options” menu:

  1. Open your device's “Settings” menu;
  2. Find the option “Over the phone“;
  3. Search for "Version number“. When you find it, tap 7 times about this option, and a new window opens;
  4. Insert the lock pattern when prompted, and the “Developer options” menu will be released in your settings.

Enabling USB Debugging

  1. Return to “Settings” and search for “Developer options“;
  2. Find the “USB Debugging”And activate it. To disable, just reverse the process.

Getting ready to connect your iPhone or iPad via USB cable

If you use devices Apple, as a iPhone or iPad, the process is different, but still very simple.

  1. Have the iTunes installed on your computer and plug the USB cable into your mobile device and PC;
  2. The computer then detects the iPhone / iPad.

Applications for using your phone as a webcam

Now we are ready to start using our cell phone as a webcam. And we will show you the best apps to make your life easier.


Some applications, such as IVCam, have the function of leaving your phone as a webcam IVCam one of the best apps in its category

In our tests the IVCam was the most complete and functional application found. We can choose resolutions up to 1920 × 1080 pixels, capture audio, change image orientation, increase transmission quality, etc. But unfortunately not everything is just flowers. Although we have a free period of a few days, the paid version costs R $ 51.99. You can also use the basic version, limited to 640 × 480 pixels resolution and a watermark. app.

To use your phone as a webcam via the IVCam we need to install it so much in our smartphone, through the Play Store/App Store, as well as on our computer, for the Windows.

  1. Do the download applications and accept the installation permissions;
  2. First open the application on your desktop;
  3. Connect the USB cable to the PC and your cell phone, a notification about “Enable USB Debugging", at the Android, appears, activate it. On devices such as iPhone and iPad the program recognizes automatically;
  4. Open the application on your mobile device. The image is already starting to display and is ready to be used.

In the case of the connection Wi-Fi to use your phone as a webcam, you only need to start both applications simultaneously on the same network and they connect. You can still click on the three bars in the lower right corner, go to settings, and adjust according to your preference.


Our direct competitor could not be another application besides Droidcam. The program has a slightly more complex interface, even if not very much. In addition, there are not as many customization options as the IVCam, but the good news is that it will be free and still have a lot of quality. To enjoy Droidcam and use your phone as a webcam just download it on Play Store/App Store, in your Windows or Linux.

USB connection

  1. Download the applications and accept the installation permissions;
  2. First open the application on your desktop;
  3. Connect the USB cable to the PC and your phone Android, a notification about “Enable USB Debugging”Appears, activate it. If you are using a iPhone or iPad, the program recognizes the device automatically;
  4. Open the application on your mobile device. Go back to the computer and see if the USB icon is selected. click in start and the image will appear. If a window appears with the message “No devices detected”, click on the option refresh, select your device and try again.
Use your phone as a webcam simply and quickly on the PC

Wireless connection

  1. Download the applications and accept the installation permissions;
  2. First open the application on your desktop;
  3. Open the app on your phone and look for the “Wifi IP“;
  4. On the computer, enter these numbers in the “Device IP“As well as the information“Droidcam Port“;
  5. click in Start and everything is ready.

The computer did not recognize my Android device

In case you have had problems, and your computer did not recognize your device Android, try changing the USB cable, but if the problem continues you may need to install new USB drivers on your desktop.

You can find a series of drivers available on the website Android Developers, and if your model is not in the list, manually search for “ABD Drivers for…” and your phone model / manufacturer, such as “ADB Drivers for Samsung“, and perform the installation. After that, restart your computer and try again. If the problem still exists, it is interesting to contact your model's technical support.

Did you see how to use your cell phone as a webcam is much easier than you imagined? But if you really prefer and can invest more in a webcam, there are some models with a good cost benefit in the market, and we have super indications with several options, starting from more modest models and with affordable price to professional quality accessories, whether for streaming, content production on the internet, etc. Therefore, you should check the list of the 9 best webcams to work at home, and add more quality to your video calls.

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