Interface Metro no Google Chrome

Use the Windows Metro interface on Google Chrome / Chromium

I left your Google browser with the look of Windows 8

Almost the same functionality as Windows Metro for managing your webapps

Do you like the "Metro" style of Windows 8? How about using the "Tiles" organizational pattern in your Google Chrome. Metro interface in Google Chrome

The interface is really identical to Windows 8 even even the animated Tiles, possibility of setting the date and time, setting everything right up to a complete operating system.

Good options

Extenso for Google Chrome has many cool features and pretty much the same functionality as the interface on Windows.

It is possible to configure "the squares" by increasing the size, deleting and even modifying its icon and it is also possible to change the colors of the selection.

You can also create new "Tiles" and restore the default, you can modify the username that appears in the upper right corner, assign a nickname and change the photo. Of course, you can also rearrange the "Tiles" the way you want.

To install on your Google Chrome click here, do the test and tell us what you think, it is even better than Windows, tell the truth!

See you next time!

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