USB-C Hub is a simple adapter solution for your MacBook [atualizado]

In the midst of so many amazing and amazing docking options, maybe you who have the 12-inch MacBook or the new MacBook Pro would rather have a simpler adapter option, with only the most basic ports (the ones that have gone out of their way only). ) USB-C / Thunderbolt port (s) 3). If this is your case, you will like the USB-C Hub, gives Scosche.


With a focus on simplicity even in name, this hub brings together the three ports you would most use. The most obvious USB-AAlthough many new devices are already saying goodbye to it, most peripherals on the market still use it.

The second one HDMI, which allows you to connect your MacBook (Pro) to TVs and monitors for use as a mirror or second screen, accepting resolutions at Full HD 1080p.

The third one USB-C, which has the ability to transfer files at a high speed, and can load your MacBook (Pro) while you use the other ports.

The USB-C Hub can be purchased directly from the company's website for $ 60 and comes with a three-year warranty.

(via Cult of Mac)

Update by Rafael Fischmann · 02/01/2017 s 16:26

We took it easy. 😕 When we talk about the USB-C Hub, we completely forget that Apple itself has a very similar product not to say “identical”, its USB-C to Multiport Digital AV Adapter (USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter).

Apple - USB Multi-Port Digital AV Adapter

Not only that, but right now Apple's is still $ 10 cheaper than Scosche's out there and has the advantage that it is also already selling in Brazil, currently for $ 320. However, these prices are promotional ones; Starting April 1, Apple's adapter will cost $ 70 / $ 450 again (yes, Scosche's worth more).

(thanks to the readers who warned us in the comments!)