usage tips to get the most out of your new device!

ASUS Zenfone Selfie: usage tips to get the most out of your new device!

Asus launched the Zenfone Selfie with the proposal to compete with other devices that have frontal cameras designed for self-portraits, such as the Huawei Ascend P7. The device of the Taiwanese company is shipped from the factory with the Zen UI user interface, which in turn is packed with exclusive features and applications. In this article you will find the best usage tips to get the most out of Zenfone Selfie. Check out our tips below.

Choose which applications to load with the system

Zen UI is a very useful and practical interface, but it can hinder the device’s battery life a little due to its numerous features. Just to give you an idea, the Asus interface comes with three pre-installed internet browsers (Chrome, Asus Browser and Puffin Browser), as well as two music players and SMS clients. One of my favorite Zen UI apps is the Auto-Start Manager, which Asus sends pre-installed on the device and separated in the «Asus» folder placed in the main home.

Its use is very simple: just deny access to less useful applications that, consequently, will not be preloaded when the device is being turned on or restarted. By checking the option «show all applications» (image below) more options will be available for configuration, including Google services.

manageauthorized start Configure applications started with the system / © ANDROIDPIT

Define applications that can be updated in real time

Zen UI’s power manager gained a very interesting feature in its last update. It is now possible to define which applications can receive information and be downloaded in real time. This function, in addition to saving more energy, prevents more internet data from being consumed. Applications marked «off» stop receiving information in the background or when multitasking.

To configure this function, open the Energy Saver in the application tray, and follow the following path: Battery modes> Smart saving mode (click on the gear)> Extend standby, click on «select applications to update in real time» and turn off those that are not useful to you.

extendesperazenfoneselfie Save energy by disabling applications in real time. / © ANDROIDPIT

New modes for the rear and front camera

The rear and front cameras of the Zenfone Selfie have 13 megapixels respectively. In the last few days, the software has undergone an update and gained some interesting features, such as slow motion and date in images. See below how to find the new modes on the device’s camera:

Time stamp

This option brings a vintage feel to the images captured with the Zenfone Selfie camera. A yellow caption adds information about the date the image was captured. This feature can be useful for users who do not separate their photos by albums or do not use geolocation to tag their photos in chronological order. To access the function just click on the gear icon of the Zenfone Selfie camera and check the «time stamp» option.

cameracarimbozenfoneselfie Add a date stamp to your photos / © ANDROIDPIT

Slow motion

This option was not present in the Zenfone Selfie when the device was launched, but it came with the last update that the camera software received. This function shoots the video in the quality determined by the user and, after processing the image, displays the footage in slow speed. Slow motion can be found among the image modes of the Zenfone Selfie.

cameralentazenfoneselfie Slow motion feature of Zenfone Selfie. / © ANDROIDPIT

Customize system quick shortcuts

The quick cuts on the quick access bar help all users to perform tasks faster. In Zenfone Selfie they can be customized according to each use and, even, it helps the user to add only functions that are interesting for his daily life, such as the glove mode, which increases the sensitivity of the screen. To configure quick shortcuts, go to System Settings> Asus Custom Configuration> Quick Settings Options.

configuracoesrapidaszenfoneselfie Quick shortcuts to the system bar. / © ANDROIDPIT

Change the system source

Asus Launcher now supports changing fonts, as well as their colors and sizes. To find the new feature is very simple: press and hold for a few minutes on the system’s home screen until the launcher customization options are displayed, select «more» and click on «launcher fonts». A panel will appear that will allow changing the colors of the application labels, custom size of the system fonts and font style.

fontepadraozenfoneselfie Change the fonts and colors of the system. / © ANDROIDPIT

Extra tip: in the same customization panel there are new effects for screen transition in «scrolling effects», and new themes and icon packs exclusive to Zenfone Selfie in «icon pack» and «themes». Have a good time!

So, which feature of Zen UI and Zenfone Selfie did you find most interesting?

Editor’s note: Some features presented in this article are compatible with other Zenfone devices, as long as the ASUS Launcher version is or later.