US state senators buy 70 MacBooks Air at a discount

US state senators buy 70 MacBooks Air at a discount

Due to “problems of size and costs”, 70 laptops used by senators from Nebraska (US state) were replaced by new MacBooks Air (Late 2008), at a price of US $ 1,524 each. According to data from the local news, Apple's ultra-light comes to replace old machines, considered “heavy” by politicians about 3.63kg, with the Air weighing approximately 1.36kg.

MacBook Air

The measure, as was already possible to imagine, did not please everyone. Among those benefiting from the purchase, only one Senator Tony Fulton was able to question the initiative. “The decision was made with its own authority. I accepted, but I didn't like it ”, he said. However, is he part of the committee that authorized the purchase, and yet he didn't stop it? Strange, very strange …

Considering that laptops were purchased for political purposes, many must have thought that this was an explicit way of spending public safe money on bullshit given that a MacBook costs $ 500 less, meaning the acquisition was motivated only by weight to be loaded. However, MacBooks Air are still cheaper than Fujitsu Lifebooks, purchased nearly four years ago, for $ 1,525 each.

But the strangest thing was that 70 machines were acquired, with the state having only 49 senators. Curious, isn't it?

(Via: MacDailyNews.)