MacBook price for students falls R $ 100 in Brazil

US school offers 1,200 MacBooks to students

In yet another successful Apple initiative with the education sector, a school in the North American city of Atlanta offered new MacBooks to all elementary and high school students, with insurance and technical support already guaranteed. According to a local newspaper, the machines will come with pre-installed educational software from the institution and students should also have iPod touch for use in class.


The project attracted a lot of attention from Apple. 1,200 machines were acquired, which will send its vice president for business related to education, John Couch, for a visit to the school to talk about technology in classrooms and to thank for the local initiative. This should happen next week.

At the last conference on its financial results, Apple even mentioned that it was involved in some large projects related to education, especially after reducing the prices of its line of products and software. One is conducted in partnership with the US state of Maine, which is the only one in the United States to distribute MacBooks to all students annually.

(via AppleInsider)