US Justice Department opens antitrust investigation on technology giants like Apple

US Justice Department opens antitrust investigation on technology giants like Apple

Technology giants like Apple and Google are in the sights antitrust around the world for a long time because of suspicions of anticompetitive and market-damaging practices, Apple, for example, is turning to the US Supreme Court for alleged wrongdoing on the App Store. Now, who decided to act was the Department of Justice same country, as reported by the Wall street journal.

The agency announced today that it is opening a major antitrust investigation against the largest US technology companies, including the Apple, O Google, a Amazon it's the Facebook. The idea is to investigate whether companies are deliberately stifling competition especially on their online platforms such as app stores, social media sites and online buying and selling services.

Assistant Attorney General of the US Department of Justice's antitrust division, Makan Delrahim, said the power of technology giants could make them "act in ways that do not respect consumer demands." Delrahim added, stating that the agency will take into account the concerns of consumers, businesses and entrepreneurs about the actions of large companies so much that research is open to citizens' opinions.

It is good to note that the US Department of Justice has already launched individual investigations into Apple and Google previously under the same suspicions. The investigation now, on the other hand, is broader and does not focus on one specific company, but on the collective actions of all companies in the so-called group. Big Tech.

Neither Apple nor the other companies involved in the investigation have commented on the case, but the Justice Department is expected to announce news about it soon, and if the agency determines any wrongdoing in the actions, we may see sanctions against the companies in the future. Let's go with it.

via CNET