US government officials want new measures to stop China from using its technology

US government officials want new measures to stop China from using its technology

The United States is preparing new ways to control China from accessing its technology. The Trump administration wants to prevent Chinese companies from accessing the components for commercial purposes, but then directing them to the military industry, says Reuters.

Three measures were given the green light, even though they were not finalized and signed by Donald Trump, to prevent Chinese companies from buying components, such as optical materials, radar equipment, semiconductors, among other elements produced in the United States. Tensions rose with the coronavirus pandemic, with Donald Trump's comments on the Chinese virus, prompting both nations to expel journalists from their territories.

As explained, the authorizations made by the United States government to export components relate to civil or military uses, carried out independently. At stake are statements from the Chinese government, which has said that anything they sell to us for commercial purposes will be given to the army, which has encouraged the United States to tighten conditions, which have been redesigned since last year.

These rules will have to be signed by Donald Trump, but the industry has already shown signs of concern, as they may be losing Chinese consumers to their external rivals.

Regarding changes, one of them concerns the exception of sales when destined for civil and non-military use. Products such as certain integrated circuits can no longer be sold to Chinese importers and audiences, affecting companies like Intel and Xilinx. Another measure concerns the requisite necessary to acquire scientific equipment such as digital oscilloscopes, aircraft engines and certain types of computers.

Finally, the third change forces foreign companies, which ship American products to China, to seek not only the approval of their own governments, but also of the United States.