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US government denies tax exemption on parts of new Mac Pro

Last week Apple announced contrary to previous expectations that it would continue to manufacture the new model of the Mac pro in your factory in Austin (Texas, United States)instead of transferring the computer assembly to China. At the time, we believe that all the soap opera related to computer tariffs would be closed. Well, apparently we were wrong.

According to the Bloomberg, O US Commercial Representative Office (United States Trade Representative, or USTR) yesterday denied the five-piece tax exemption of the new Mac Pro. Among the components, we have the optional computer casters, a circuit board, a power adapter, the outside cable and a cooling system.

If you are following the story, the US government had previously granted exemption from tariffs to 10 pieces of the new computer, even granting it, was one of the factors that motivated Apple in its decision to keep setting up the machines in the US. With this new twist, only 5 of them will remain tax-free, which is 25%.

The USTR justified the new decision by stating that Apple could not prove that applying tariffs would cause "severe economic damage" to its finances. Ma, in turn, did not comment on the novelty; The charge is unlikely to cause any change in the company's plans (not least because the announcement of the manufacturing of the new Mac Pro in the US came full of pomp and self-promotion by the company). On the other hand, the decision may create (more) cracks in Cupertino's unstable relationship with the Trump government.

Speaking of him, the American president seemed to ignore recent developments in the soap opera and posted the following message on Twitter:

Good news! @Apple has announced it will build the new Mac Pro in Texas. This implies hundreds of US jobs in Austin and several suppliers across the country. Congratulations Apple and its workers!

O tweet de Trump ignores that most of these jobs have existed, after all, Apple has been manufacturing the Mac Pro in Austin since 2013. In any case, it will be interesting to see the next chapters of this soap opera will we have more twists ahead? Let's wait.

via iMore