Departamento de Interior dos EUA aprova venda do DJI Government Edition

US Department of Interior approves sale of DJI Government Edition

O Interior Department (acronym in English IT HURTS) of United States approved the sale of the special reinforced drone service in safety, DJI Government Editiondespite the restrictions that representatives of various government agencies have expressed on the Chinese manufacturer's aircraft. The verdict was given after a 15-month testing program, which included thousands of drone model flights like the DJI Mavic Pro it's the DJI Matrice 600 Pro.


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"The Interior Department report validates DJI's effort to create hardware and software solutions that meet its customers' growing data security needs. DOI has a strong leadership background within the United States government for its ability to evaluate pragmatically and implement drone technology to be used across a wide variety of applications. "Mario Rebello, DJI Vice President and Regional Manager, North America

Official Website: DJI Government Edition

As the site points out Drone DJ, evaluations began in April 2018, when the series Mavic 2 had not yet reached the market. Because of this, the models Mavic 2 Pro, Zoom and Enterprise not included in the Interior Department project. According to DJI representatives, testing with the Mavic 2 line drones had not started until the Mavic Pro and Matrice 600 Pro evaluations were finalized.

"We appreciate the partnership and value of the (Interior Department) collaborative efforts to create a drone solution that will allow emergency teams and others to save lives and effectively manage public land. We look forward to continuing to support the Interior Department and other federal agencies with leading drone technology in the DJI industry. "Mario Rebello, DJI Vice President and Regional Manager, North America

The findings from the US Department of Interior were published in a flight test and technical assessment report that was published last week. According to the Chinese manufacturer, the collaboration between DJI and DOI has been going on for two years and aims to provide high quality drones with custom firmware for US government departments.

"While DJI customers have complete control over how the data they generate with drones is collected, stored and transmitted, DJI Government Edition's unique architecture ensures that drone information including photos and videos captured during flights will never be shared with unauthorized parties, whether accidentally or intentionally ".DJI Official Announcement

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