United States claims to have evidence of how Huawei has been spying on mobile networks since 2009

US companies may return to work with Huawei to set standards for 5G networks

The stalemate between the United States and Huawei still continues and the final decision of the Donald Trump government on the imposition of sanctions and manufacturer blockages is suspended until May 15. However, the United States Department of Commerce is preparing to pass a new regulation that will allow US companies to work with Huawei in developing standards for 5G networks.

Almost a year after the administration of Donald Trump put Huawei on the black list of companies with which the country does not do business, the United States decided to prepare a new strategy to overcome the disadvantages brought about by the trade block, especially with regard to the fifth generation mobile networks.

According to sources to which Reuters had access, the new regulation may allow US companies to participate in 5G standards setting committees in which Huawei participates. The document that will be approved by the Department of Commerce will need the green light from other government agencies to be able to enter into force. For now, there is still no certain date in relation to the final approval.

Apparently, the regulation will apply only to Huawei and not to the other companies that are on the black list of the Donald Trump administration. The Executive has yet to confirm the Commerce Department's decision, but an official source indicated Reuters that the United States is trying to find a way to balance standards setting for 5G development with national security priorities.

Also in April, a group of six US senators sent a letter to the Secretaries of State, Trade, Defense and Energy, warning of the urgent need to define regulations that guarantee that the United States' participation in setting standards in 5G is unaffected by the trade block.

It is recalled that, in the latest chapter of the trade war saga, the United States is preparing to "cut" the supply of Huawei processors. The application of the measure has already been studied and needs only the approval of the President to proceed. Thus, manufacturers using US technology, such as TSMC, may have to apply for a special license to continue doing business with the Chinese manufacturer.