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US Authority Calls for Explanation of Meltdown and Specter Vulnerabilities from Several Technology Companies, Including Apple

THE Apple lately she's been heavily involved in product-related polemic, and US officials are not shy about asking for explanations.

This time the CNBC told that the United States Energy and Trade Committee (House Energy and Commerce Committee) sent several letters (PDF) to CEOs of various technology companies asking for explanations of security flaws Meltdown and Specter, which affected many computers, including Ma devices, so of course Tim cook was on the recipient list with the CEOs of Google, Amazon, ARM, AMD, Intel, and Microsoft.

In the letter, the committee specifically asked companies to provide more information about such an agreement that they would have made in order to delay disclosure of security breaches, as they were notified of the problem there in June 2017.

In the portion of correspondence sent to Cook, the committee even stated that it understood that vulnerabilities could be exploited if they were exposed earlier, but continue to look for explanations to be delivered by February 7:

While we recognize that critical vulnerabilities such as these create a challenging relationship between disclosure and secrecy, as premature disclosure can give malicious individuals the time to exploit vulnerabilities before solutions are developed and deployed, we believe this situation showed the need for further assessment against the coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities involving multiple companies.

Apple has not yet commented on the letter, but Intel welcomed the questions and said it would like to continue the dialogue about the problems with the US Congress.

via 9to5Mac