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US Army is trying to use lasers to recharge drones in flight

O army of USA are trying to recharge your drones via laser so that they stay in the ass indefinitely. If it works, you can solve the problem of I enjoy flight time that these gadgets currently face.

Drones come in various shapes and sizes, and their flight time also varies depending on each model. While some have an autonomy of minutes, others may be weeks up in the air.


Company makes available the same tools its own engineers use

The army intends to implement photovoltaic cells, similar to that of solar energy capture at the bottom of the device. The laser would be aimed from the ground to the drone part in mid-flight. In this way the light would be converted into electricity to recharge the battery remotely and without having to land the drone. The purpose of army testing is to fire the laser and strike a device that is 500 meters above the ground.

One of the biggest problems in this method is light that does not generate electricity turns into heat, This can be detrimental to the performance of the drone. The challenge of dissipate heat It is to make the laser reach only the photovoltaic cell what the engineers are working on for the technology to be implemented.

They hope that at 2020 this system can be up and runningThis is if the necessary regulatory process is approved by the government. If this project goes well, this technology can be applied to needs other than drones.

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