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US and UK are banning notebooks and tablets from some flights due to terrorist threats

My friends, it's not easy. The newspaper The guardian reported yesterday that the US and UK governments have decided to ban notebooks and hand luggage tablets on some flights due to an attempt to use a fake iPad like bomb.

iPad on the plane

Sad to think that this kind of distraction on several flights is no longer allowed. 😔

The ban came into effect over the weekend and affects some flights to and from several countries predominantly from the Middle East and Africa (northern). The US Department of Homeland Security had previously said that the ban was the result of terrorists seeking "innovative methods" to attack airplanes, but without specifying the exact reason we now know.

Not all the details of this unsuccessful attack have been revealed. It is known that there was a plan to shoot down a plane with explosives hidden in a fake iPad that was extremely similar to a real one. Details such as the date of the attempted attack, the country involved and the group behind it, however, remain secret.

According to the newspaper, the restrictions specifically target hand luggage as a terrorist could reserve a window seat, ensuring that the bomb is right next to the fuselage and thus has a greater chance of knocking over the plane. Airports selected for the ban are based in part on an assessment of the quality of security controls although inconsistencies between US and UK-designated airports are causing some doubt, according to the newspaper.

A defense and intelligence expert quoted by them also struck the fact that other Western countries have been suffering from terrorist attacks, it is worth noting that they apparently do not share these same concerns.

(via 9to5Mac)