US agency approves UPS delivery drone fleet

THE Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) From United States Approved Carrier's New Delivery Drone Fleet UPS, which arrives to compete with a similar system of Amazon. As has already become standard for this type of service, drones serve to cover the last kilometer of delivery.


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"GlobalData expects global revenue from civilian drones to jump from $ 5 billion in 2018 to over $ 20 billion by 2028. This growth will be driven by increased use of services such as UPS's delivery fleet, but also by consumers buying drones for personal reasons like photography or remote control racing. "Mike Vousden, Automotive Analyst at GlobalData

That is, unmanned aircraft leave a local warehouse or even a van and transport the package to the recipient's front door. The difference is that this should result in greater accessibility technology, as UPS is the largest carrier of its kind in the world.

Source: Global Data

"The drone fleet will be launched at a time when UPS is exploring a number of options to make deliveries more efficient and sustainable. Most relevant is the deal that UPS signed with carmaker Workhorse in February 2018 for the purchase of 1,000 electric delivery trucks, which will be designed jointly between the two companies. "Mike Vousden, Automotive Analyst at GlobalData

They delivered 5.2 billion packages in 2018 and, according to the firm itself, have the largest fleet of sustainable vehicles on the planet. With its new drones, UPS is expected to achieve a significant reduction in its fuel costs as well as the time required to complete each delivery.

"UPS will be well aware of Amazon's commitments in September to buy 100,000 electric vans from Rivian's sustainable vehicle startup. This decision to modernize its delivery network in particular, the last mile deliveries comes as a response to the rapid changes in the world. of logistics, with consumers increasingly choosing e-commerce and home delivery over traditional shopping experiences. "Mike Vousden, Automotive Analyst at GlobalData

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