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Uruk GNU / Linux, a new alternative to 100% Free Trisquel

There are so few operating systems that try to use only free software, after all, this is quite a challenge. The most popular distribution is best done for this purpose until then Trisquel, but it has just won an Arab competitor.


Uruk's main goal being free, it seeks to bring the same concept as Trisquel GNU / Linux. It is based on Ubuntu but also very modified, starting with the Kernel, which is Kernel-Libre, which is a variation of the original Linux Kernel that removes everything that it owns.

Uruk GNU / Linux

The look of the interface, the positioning of the icons and everything else resembles Apple's Mac OS X, the MATE graphic environment, including a distribution theme of its own. Among the main programs that make up this operating system are LibreOffice, GNU Emacs, Xfburn, Icedove, California, Abrowser, GIMP, Liferea, Curlew, Lectern, Terminator, Gigolo, Deluge, VLC, among others.

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