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UrBeats3 headphones get new colors matching iPhone XR

THE Beats, a subsidiary of Apple, has just given a slight update on one of its more "accessible" lines (focus on quotes, please) of headphones to follow the news of the nave-me. The earphones urBeats3 won three new colors that combine beautifully with some of the versions of the multicolored iPhone XR.

New colors of urBeats 3 headphones matching iPhone XR

The three new color options for urBeats3 are coral, yellow and blue they join existing black and satin silver.

it is worth noting that the novelties refer specifically to the back of the headset with Lightning connector; there is a variant of the same model with a traditional 3.5mm connector that continues to be sold only in black and black versions with red details.

UrBeats3 (both new and existing versions, with both connectors) continue to cost R $ 600 in the Brazilian Apple store or US $ 60 in the United States.

via AppleInsider