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Urban Terror for Linux, Quake and Counter Strike Join

Get your guns and fight terrorists in online matches

One of the best Online FPS for Penguin system

Urban Terror is one of the most classic shooter games out there for Linux, if you are a user looking for games you should have run into it, if you don't know a little more now.

Urban Terror for Linux

Quake + CS

Game connoisseurs will surely notice a resemblance to the environment with the popular game Counter Strike, set in urban environments with counter-terrorist cops, but the gameplay is not exactly CS-like, but rather resembles Quake.

It resembles Quake because the engine he uses is Quake Engine, other pros of the game are the large amount of weapons available. Urban Terror Weapons Urban terror

Regarding the graphics it reminds you a bit of CS 1.6 so if you are looking for excellent graphics better choose another game, another downside is that you can only play online, you can even take a look around at localhost but you won't find any bots.


Just select the Linux version, or the Multiplatform version.

See you next time!

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