Upload multiple photos to Picasa Web Albums

Who has never been damned of life with limitation, Picasa Web, allowing you to upload only 5 images at a time, which throws the first stone.

The reason is that while Gmail and Google Docs allow multiple files to be sent via Flash, Google requires users to install Picasa to do this. But things started to change…

THE Google Buzz allows you to upload multiple images at once, and as they are hosted on Picasa Web, we no longer need to install Picasa or an ActiveX on IE.

To do so, sign in to your Gmail account and click the label Buzz. By clicking on the text box, to enter new information, the option appears. Photograph. Clicking on Photograph and then in Choose photos to upload, a file selection window will be displayed. Select all the images you want to upload to Picasa Web and click Open.

After the image upload process is complete, click on the option Add Photos Post. This will take you back to Gmail on the edit screen of your Buzz post. By clicking on this option, an album will be created on your Picasa Web, whose name is the date of upload (eg. 2010-02-11). Unless you also want to post the images on Buzz, just click on the “X“In the upper right corner of the edit window, the process will be terminated.

Now accessing Picasa Web, you will now see some created. To organize your images, simply rename it or use the service organization tool to distribute the uploaded images among existing albums.

Via: Google Operating System