Recent updates on the App Store: Adobe Illustrator Draw, Microsoft OneNote, Facebook Groups and more!

Updates of the day on the App Store: iTunes Connect, Facebook paper, Vine and more!

Below are some of the prominent apps or games we selected that were updated today / recently on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

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It includes minor performance improvements and adds support for iOS 8, as well as starting sessions with Touch ID.

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Support for iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, general optimizations on iOS 8 and more.

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Now there is a new button "Like" at the top of each channel Vine. Just touch it and you will receive handpicked videos from that channel, in your daily history. The update also provides compatibility with iOS 8.

Hangouts app icon

Compatibility with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Google Docs app icon

New “Shared” section, improved support for hardware keyboards, improved copy and paste between Google Docs and Google Slides, among others.

Google Slides app icon

New “Shared” section, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Sheets app icon

New “Shared” section, bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Support for DTS-HD audio, compatibility with mophie space pack, optimizations for iOS 8 and new iPhones, more options streaming, file synchronization via AirDrop and more!

GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer app icon

ICloud Drive and Touch ID support, plus compatibility with Toshiba external drives.