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Updates: Google needs to name the oxen!

In May, we reported that Google has an internal ranking of smartphone makers based on how effective they are in delivering system updates. The problem of slow updates and fragmentation is something that we have given a lot of importance to in recent months. If Google really cares about the fragmentation of Android, now is the time to make this list of shame public.

With Android Nougat knocking, many of us don't even have Marshmallow on our smartphones yet. It's hard to feel connected to Android advances when you're stuck on an alternate timeline, where the latest available version is two versions ahead of yours. Even more worrying is the lack of updates that end up leaving some devices vulnerable. Manufacturers shouldn't expect another Stagefrightexploit to consider Android security as a priority.

AndroidPIT Android N Nougat 2476
What's the point of Nougat when even Marshmallow hasn't arrived yet? / AndroidPIT

There are many reasons why updates take so long, reasons that we already regret, discuss, explain and suffer.

We have seen several arguments and evidence that Google is heading in the right direction and striving to improve, but while many of us have been waiting for Marshmallow for almost a year and nearly a third of users are still stuck in KitKat, it is clear that there is still a lot to go. what to do.

androidpit fragmentation august 2016
After 10 months of launch, only 14% of phones have Android Marshmallow / Google

With the final version of Android Nougat coming in just a few months, this is the perfect time for Google to put pressure on manufacturers, making it clear that users matter. Just encouraging and "getting the hang of it" is enough, Google needs to publicly embarrass the culprits.

Opinion by Chris Marshall

Now is the time for Google to name the oxen.

It is more interesting to manufacturers that people buy new models instead of keeping the old ones. Profit margins gain from this, but consumers lose.

According to reports, Google has a "List of Shame" ready. It needs to be published so consumers can decide how important fast updates are when choosing a brand. Only then have manufacturers felt the pressure to work harder to provide better support to users.

Do you think consumers have a right to know this list? And knowing what position the manufacturer in it would affect your next purchase?

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