Update of SmartGym, Brazilian fitness app, brings Siri integration directly on Apple Watch

Update of SmartGym, Brazilian fitness app, brings Siri integration directly on Apple Watch

A few months ago, we talked here about the SmartGym, application developed by the Brazilian Matt Abras which quickly conquered a series of users with its very well built interface and fast / easy operation for those who want to set up and follow their routines at the gym directly from the iPhone or Apple Watch. Because if you are a user of the app or are looking for something in this sense, we have excellent news.

I say this because a nice update for SmartGym was recently released and now the utility is even more attractive especially for Apple Watch owners, since the update has a useful feature: integration with Crab directly from the watch.

SmartGym app icon: Manage Your Workout

The Apple Watch app received a series of new features, such as a renewed interface, a new way to view exercises and the possibility to start a workout and follow it simply by completing the exercises, without the need to start each session manually. The great highlight, however, even the integration with the assistant of Ma according to Mateus, this is one of the first third-party applications for Apple Watch with integration with Siri; the feature allows all the basic operations of the app to be carried out simply by speaking with the watch, meaning you can ask Siri to start your training or finish it and never touch the precious sapphire surface with your sweaty fingers.

The video demonstration below is in English, but it is worth noting that both iPhone and Apple Watch applications are fully available in Portuguese as well:

On the iPhone side, the application also gained some news, such as the possibility of giving training cards (including emojis qualquer any name) or duplicating them to make changes or new sequences without difficulty.

The SmartGym update is now available on the App Store for a mere $ 2 (whoever already had it does not need to pay again, of course). If you are looking to embark on a healthier lifestyle or, like me, simply want an intelligent and easy-to-use companion for the (unfortunately necessary) torture session known as the gym, an easy recommendation.