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Update Now: Firefox Receives Security Critical Bug Fix

If you are a user of Firefox on macOS, Windows or Linux, refresh your browser now!

Mozilla has just released a browser security update (version 67.0.3) which fixes a critical security bug which allowed malicious code to be injected into your system through unprotected websites. Firefox ESR has also been updated to version 60.7.1in order to correct the same problem.

The vulnerability in question is being actively exploited by crackers and malicious agents, and can occur when handling JavaScript objects because of problems with the Array.pop element. The bug was discovered by researcher Samuel Gro, who participates in the Google Project Zero security group and the Coinbase Security security team, and potentially allows the injection of malware data collectors or cryptocurrency miners in your system.

In addition to Mozilla, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an alert directing all Firefox users to upgrade immediately. To refresh your browser, you can simply restart it or alternatively click on the contextual menu (the three line icon) in the upper right corner, type “refresh” and click the “restart to refresh firefox” button.

Don't sleep on the spot!

via The Verge