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Update in sight? 27 ″ iMac stocks are thinning at Apple Online Stores

See how things fit together: just yesterday, we talked here about the rumors of Apple presenting a new iMac with design inspired by the iPad Pro, no less the WWDC20, which happens in less than two weeks. And today, to set fire to speculation, the German blog Macerkopf noticed (Google Translate) a decrease in stocks of the machine in some Ma online stores.

In the Apple Online Store in the United States, for example, almost all models of the 27-inch iMac have an extended shipping period, which can arrive between 6/25 and 2/7. The same goes for the Brazilian store: the largest all-in-one model to be delivered only from 6/7.

The situation seems to be widespread: we see an extended delivery time in all the stores we check (Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Japan and Australia). In fact, stocks have not started to decrease today: our reader Danilo I had already noticed an extension in the delivery time more than two weeks ago.

It is worth noting that the extended terms apply only to the 27 ? iMac: the smaller model, 21.5 ?, remains in stock normally in all stores mentioned. That is, some hypotheses can be built: it may be, for example, that Apple is planning to update only the 27 ? computer, keeping the smaller model unchanged until the second order.

Another possibility is that inventories are reduced simply due to production problems related to the new Coronavirus. Still, the iMac is in the right period to be updated so let's see if the forecasts are confirmed.

via 9to5Mac