Update for macOS Catalina is rendering some older Macs unusable

We already talked about problems that the macOS Catalina is causing on eGPU-connected Macs and Mail, but a glitch that completely disables computers in the upgrade process? This new and serious.

On Apple Support Forums, a (still small but growing) number of users report that their Macs Brickaram that is, they were completely useless, with only a folder icon and a screen prompt during the upgrade to macOS 10.15. The machines in question are, in almost all cases, older, manufactured between 2012 and 2015.

One of the affected users stated that after the crash, his Mac doesn't even recognize keystrokes for alternate options. boot. In all cases, Apple's support stated that the problem was hardware, and in a particularly unnerving example, the Apple technician stated that the Mac in question was “simply too old,” recommending the owner to take it to a Unauthorized service center.

Apparently what is causing the problem is a process that corrupts the firmware EFI computer, even making basic operations (such as keystroke recognition) impossible. The fact that Apple has not yet commented on the case, and the affected users will surely have to bear the cost of the repair since, in most cases, the Macs in question are no longer under warranty or AppleCare.

Because it is a problem that has not affected a large number of machines, it is possible that, unfortunately, the story remains. But we will continue to follow.

via Cult of Mac