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[+Update] DJI T16 a new exclusive agriculture drone from China

(+ Update): DJI has confirmed the aircraft's official specifications to the DroneWatch website. Check out:

– 16 liter reservoir for plant protection fluids – Integrated ground radar to keep track of what's on the ground, even in dusty or foggy conditions – Use of AI with 3D technology to accurately recognize trees and apply products DJI T16 size reduced by 75% when folded – IP67 water and dust protection – 17500mAh full capacity batteries – 2600W power charger that can recharge 4 at a time – Single battery can be charged in just 20 minutes with special fast loading option – Integrated spray system has 4 motors and 8 spray heads. The capacity of 4.8 liters applied per minute over a range of up to 6.5m. Along with the Phantom 4RTK, the user can create an accurate 3D map of the area where the spray-DJI T16 can be applied. front as far as possible- DJI T16 can be used at night as it has special spotlights

(Original News):

THE DJI launched the drone T16, which arrives with the aim of making life easier for farmers, and at the exclusive moment of the Chinese market. Even because of this, at the moment the company released only one video with information in Mandarin, without an official translation available.


Company showed image on its official Twitter with announcement for December 17

Even so, as the site points out Drone DJIt is already possible to draw some conclusions from what has been revealed. Firstly, the aircraft has 6 rotors mounted on folding arms.

It is capable of releasing up to 4.8 liters of crop protection liquids (such as pesticides) per minute. The drone still has protection IP67 against water and dust, which means it can be used when it is raining.

The DJI T16 still has obstacle avoidance functionality, as does the presence of a feature known as RTK, which serves to spray liquid more precisely.

According to the news, the aircraft makes use of very sophisticated software to plan its flight and create accurate maps of the planting area.

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