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Upcoming iPhones may have larger capacity batteries produced by LG, rumor points

The search for breakthroughs in batteries It is still in full swing, but without much success as is well known, energy cells are today the biggest bottleneck in technological development because they have remained essentially the same, without major changes, over the past decades. Therefore, manufacturers break their heads to develop larger or more economical batteries within the current paradigm the case of this new rumor coming from the Korean newspaper. The Investor.

According to the report, Apple is looking to diversify its parts suppliers for iPhones to be released this year as is well known, the strongest rumors point to the announcement of three models with the basic design of the iPhone X; two with 5.8 (similar to the current) and 6.5 inch OLED screens, and one with 6.1 inch LCD screen. THE LG, who already works with Ma on a number of fronts, may be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this diversification.

South Korea may be a supplier to the (likely) future iPhone's 6.5-inch OLED panel, along with Samsung, which is currently Apple's exclusive partner in providing such a display; Another component that the company can now manufacture for Cupertino the flexible printed circuit board, better known as RFPCB today, are three partners (all Korean) who supply this piece to Apple: Samsung, BH and Interflex.

In addition, LG is listed as one of the favorites to enter into a contract with Ma in the production of next smartphone batteries and with an interesting differential, as I said in the first paragraph. According to rumors, the LG Chem (division of the dedicated battery manufacturing company) would be in the process of developing a single "L" shaped cell that should equip upcoming iPhones with a larger capacity than the batteries found in current models.

As is well known, the iPhone X already has an “L” shaped battery, but it is made up of two distinct cells in different shapes and the LG solution would be much more sophisticated and would allow a greater charge capacity which, combined with the (supposed) enhanced energy efficiency of the future chip “A” would make the 2018 iPhones true champions of longevity (or so we hope).

O The Investor He said that RFPCB production should start as early as May, while LG's OLED panels will start shipping in June. The battery schedule is not yet known, but at least we know that the road to the 2018 iPhones is already being built very hard.

via AppleInsider