Upcoming Apple Music releases include documentaries by the Major Lazer group in Cuba and behind the scenes of Sam Smith's next album

It seems that artists are not only enjoying having their music on the platform streaming of Ma, but they are also very willing to make their documentaries available on the Apple Music.

After Kygo, Pink and others, the platform will now receive two more new documentaries from established artists: Major Lazer and Sam Smith.

In the same month that former President of the United States, Barack Obama, was in Cuba to make history by being the first American President to visit the country after 88 years, in March 2016, the electronic music group Major Lazer was in also there, performing the first big Cuban-American show.

With an audience of almost half a million people, Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire performed in Havana, a place that suffered a lot from the dictatorship and basically “stopped in time” in terms of technological development and why not? musical.

Every moment, since its beginning, was recorded in a documentary with the title "Give Me Future" (something like “Me D Futuro”), directed by Austin Peters. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and in November 17, be available to Apple Music subscribers.

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The series of documentaries "On the Record", which show the backstage of musical productions, will bring in another artist who is quite popular today: pop singer Sam Smith.

This new documentary will show the trajectory of the musician in the creation of his newest album “The Thrill of It All”, which features performances and interviews with producers Timbaland, Poo Bear and Smith's songwriting partner Jimmy Napes.

We go behind the scenes at @samsmithworld to celebrate #TheThrillOfItAll with a special movie. Watch on 11/03, only on Apple Music.

Both the album and the singer's documentary will be made available on the streaming on November 3rd, Friday of next week. And, to celebrate that event, Smith held an event for fans in London in partnership with Apple Music and broadcast it live to the whole world.

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If in fact Apple is a great platform for original series, we will still discover, but there is no denying that Apple Music is gaining more and more space among artists looking for a place to publicize their content on video.

via AppleInsider, 9to5Mac