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Up Next Live: Apple Releases Live EPs from In-Store Shows

A few months ago, we talked about the Up Next Liveis a series of live shows held at some of Apple's premier stores in the United States and Europe, and starring a number of rising artists.

Although without the ambition of the late Apple Music Festival, the idea was great to take public to the company's retail spaces, further tie its image to the art world and, furthermore, give Apple Music an extra publicity.

Now the cycle is completing: Ma has recently released live EPs from all the shows held, available to all subscribers of its service. streaming musical.

So, in total, seven live EPs:

The EPs include the entire performance of each artist, with about 5-7 songs each. Up Next Live's initial series of shows has ended, but given the success of this early stage, Ma is likely to announce more shows soon, though she may wait until next summer in the northern hemisphere, making the event a seasonal event.

Cool, isn't it?

via iMore