“Unsane”, a Steven Soderbergh film entirely recorded with iPhones, opens at the Berlin Festival; team tells details of the experience


Already talked about «Unsane», new film by the celebrated director Steven Soderbergh entirely recorded with iPhones at the time, however, the project was still in post-production and there was not much information or even a trailer to be shown.

Now, the story is another: the film has already had its press at the Berlin Festival, where the team and cast met at a press conference and shared some points of the (almost) indictable experience of carrying out a large production by exchanging the huge cameras and heavy audio equipment for a simple smartphone. Who informs Reuters.

Pster's Official Unsane Poster

Soderbergh, winner of the Oscar and the Palme d’Or in Cannes, reiterated comments made in the last month and said that the process was so liberating that it will be difficult for the filmmaker to return to the traditional scheme of cameras and microphones. According to the director, the big difference between filming with iPhones is the ?direct? nature of the experience, it is not necessary to drill holes in the wall or attach cameras to the ceiling, making the process much more natural and conducive to the exercise of ideas.

The space now between the idea and the execution of the idea is narrowing and that means you can try more ideas, so I wish I had this kind of equipment when I was 15 years old.

Despite this, not everything is just flowers: Soderbergh regretted the iPhone’s susceptibility to small vibrations, which forced the director to implement various physical and digital solutions that would correct the problem.

The actor Joshua LeonardHe, in turn, stated that the experience of shooting with iPhones is extremely beneficial for those who are in front of the cameras, as there is no need to wait hours for all the equipment adjustments to be carried out, the actors simply go straight from the rehearsal to the recording, without interruptions.

According to Leonard, the method also favors more natural performances, for an obvious reason: we are all used to iPhones in our faces at all times, as opposed to a huge camera with a lens larger than our head. «It really minimized any self-awareness about the process of making a film,» said the actor.

«Unsane» presents itself as a thriller psychological information about a woman (Claire Foy, «The Crown») who finds herself trapped in an asylum against her will and feels the presence of a figure who is chasing her. The film still has no release date in Brazil, but will arrive in the United States in a month, on March 23. You can check the trailer below:


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