Unreal Engine running on Linux via Chrome

Another big game company starts thinking of free software as a possibility

This is the year of the same Linux games!

It's been a busy week for Linux games, Steam's release, announcing that one of the best engines in the world, CryEngine can start porting games to Linux, and now the least hopeful and bombastic surprise, but more real. , the Unreal Engine, engine used for the child of famous games like Unreal Tournament 3, developed by the eponymous company, decided to carry the full capacity of its game engine in games that run directly in the browser through Flash, as we know the Flash has been discontinued on Linux, but thanks to Google Chrome we can take advantage of these features. The expectation according to the company and make the graphics of the games match those of the famous consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360. You can already have a preview of your Linux by visiting http://www.unrealengine/flash/ where Unreal demonstrates Engine's ability to run on Chrome. But beware, to run this type of content you need to enable a browser feature that is not enabled by default. If it doesn't work, at the terminal type the command:

google-chrome –ignore-gpu-blacklist

Then type in the address bar:

about: gpu-internals

And make sure Stage3D is active and graphical acceleration is ok.

We can cheer on yet another big company looking, albeit at a glance, into the world of free software.

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