Unpacking iPods: check out unboxings of the new nano 6G and touch 4G

Unpacking iPods: check out unboxings of the new nano 6G and touch 4G

The staff of iLounge attacked again: after they received iPod shuffle 4G with a little advance and provided a unboxing interestingly, the time has finally come for the iPod nano 6G and touch 4G to have their intimacy revealed.

Unboxing of iPod nano 6G; iLounge

Starting with the first iPod nano without a Click Wheel (or with multi-touch, depending on how you see the glass half full or half empty), its packaging does not bring many surprises: basically what comes with an iPod shuffle, with the difference of the cable USB have the 30-pin dock connector.

Unboxing of iPod nano 6G; iLounge

Speaking of shuffle, the image below leaves no doubt: the two are practically the same size. Of course, the little that the nano has the most makes a lot of difference, after all a multi-touch screen (click here to see it very close), nine more hours of autonomy and up to eight times the storage capacity.

iPod shuffle 4G and nano 6G

What about iPod touch? His packaging has also decreased in size, but its content remains basically the same as the previous generation. Check out a video of unboxing his (and the shuffle, of bonuses):

(youtube) http://www.youtube/watch?v=iDCfDLfIMvc (/ youtube)

Below, an overview of the contents of the packaging and an image of the rear, which is flat again, but still made of the same material made of stainless steel (but very scratchable), I believe.

Finally, an image worthy to put on the wall: the whole family is gathered!

Family of iPods, iPhones and iPad

These images came from a gallery of iLounge on Flickr; in case you want to check out more of them (believe me, there are several incredible ones!), stop by and also through the comparison gallery of colors and shades of different generations of “nanochromatic” iPods.