Unpacked 2020: what to expect from Samsung's annual event

Samsung's main event will take place next Tuesday and may reveal the new Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, among other news

Next Tuesday, February 11, the Unpacked 2020, traditional event of Samsung where we will learn about the main novelties of the brand. Among the main news, we can expect the next flagship of the Samsung, O Galaxy S20.

After the debut of Galaxy Fold, the South Korean prepares to launch a next foldable smartphone, new Galaxy Buds and much more. Check below some of the possible launches that we can see in the Unpacked 2020, which takes place in So Francisco (USA), with the direct coverage of Showmetech!

What to expect from Unpacked 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung S20 Leaked image of the Galaxy S20, which will be presented at Unpacked 2020

After numerous leaks and rumors, the Samsung must present the Galaxy S20 in the next month, but without any surprise in relation to the look. The device should debut with the new design adopted by the brand this year, as seen in the new A51, A71, Galaxy Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite, for example.

At the front, the device has a large screen, as well as the S10. In addition, the Galaxy S20 it has almost no frame, following the current trend of the brand: less edge and more canvas. The smartphone also has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the screen. Still on the design, the layout of the cameras has changed: now they are in a dominant format, where there are four lenses and a flash.

Home screen of the new Galaxy S20Startup screen identifies the device name (Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G) and the Android operating system (which should be 10, rumors point out)

The company must present three variants of the model. Just them: S20, S20 + and the top of the line S20 Ultra. During the Unpacked 2020, the revealed devices can bring QHD + AMOLED displays with 120Hz refresh rate and the new processor Snapdragon 865, launched last December.

The input S20 and the middleman S20 + will be able to offer 128 GB of storage with the possibility of expansion via microSD card. Rumors indicate that they will come with 6.2 and 6.7 inch screens, respectively. For photography lovers, there is a 64MP lens with 3x optical zoom and another 12MP.

Detached cover of the story on the Galaxy S20New S20 may bring the new Snapdragon 865 processor

J o S20 Ultra comes powerful in specifications, which is already expected. The model has 512 GB of storage and up to 16 GB of RAM. The main camera of 108 megapixels, there is another 12 MP lens and the Samsung may include software that allows 100x digital zoom. The screen S20 Ultra also larger, at 6.9 inches.

Values ‚Äč‚Äčare still unknown, but we already know that the three will arrive at high prices. Rumors say the Galaxy S20 start at $ 999 in the United States. O S20 + is expected to cost $ 1,199 and the S20 Ultra for $ 1,399. Outside the United States, prices may be even higher.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

New Samsung foldable to be presented at Unpacked 2020Samsung may introduce the new Galaxy Z Flip. This is another foldable smartphone

Taking advantage of the rise of foldables, the Samsung should launch the Galaxy Z Flip. It quite different from Galaxy Fold 2 and brings a visual similar to the Razr gives Motorola. O Z Flip debuts in just two colors: purple and black. It is estimated that it could cost around $ 1,500.

The foldable can be equipped with the Snapdragon 855+ gives Qualcomm and 8GB of RAM. The battery, in turn, of 3,300 mAh.

The device has a main screen of 6.7 inches and a foldable OLED display FHD +, and guarantees a high ratio of 22: 9. The Z Flip it also has an external screen of just 1 inch to view notifications. For more details, we will have to wait for the Unpacked 2020.

New Smartwatch

New Smartwatch could be unveiled at Unpacked 2020No details yet, rumors say a new smartwatch will be unveiled at Samsung Unpacked 2020

THE Samsung may be working on a new smartwatch to lead to Unpacked 2020. At the moment, there are only rumors, without details that it is almost official, as happened with the S20 and Z Flip. So, let's wait!

Samsung Galaxy Buds +

There are indications that a new generation of Galaxy Buds is on its way, and the Samsung can reveal the Buds + in So Francisco. The headphones do not bring design overhauls, but they can come with significant changes in performance, audio quality, battery life and updated microphones.

Recently, the specifications of Buds +. Below, we can see what to expect from gadgets.

Galaxy Buds + specifications

Galaxy Home Mini

Galaxy Home Mini to be presented at Unpacked 2020Everything indicates that a new Galaxy Home Mini will be presented at Unpacked 2020

There are great chances of Unpacked 2020 present a Galaxy Home Mini. The speaker can debut equipped with the Bixby, the personal voice assistant at Samsung.

In early 2020 the company revealed the arrival of the device. In a post, a representative from Samsung stated that the new Galaxy Home Mini would open on February 12, that is, one day after the Unpacked 2020. Other release dates have also been revealed, all close to the South Korean annual event.

Project with Google

THE Samsung present something new in partnership with Google. Last Wednesday, February 5, the official account of the Android on Twitter he released a video in which he left a mystery in the air. In the publication, there is the text: Something exciting is just around the corner. See you on Unpacked, @SamsungMobile.

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Source: 9to5Google