unofficial change of the Home button of iPhones with Touch ID can render the devices unusable

TSMC source says the next iPhone will have Touch ID integrated into the screen; device could hit the market at the end of September

In September 2013, shortly after the launch of the iPhone 5s, we explain here on the website in detail how the sensor works Touch ID.

At that time, the great novelty of the device was precisely the possibility of unlocking it using the fingerprint of our fingers.

In a part of the article, we speak:

Apple claims that all fingerprint information is encrypted and stored in a specific space (Secure Enclave) inside the A7 processor, which is separate from everything and can only be accessed by Touch ID.

These prints are never available for other software, they are not stored on Apple’s servers and are not part of any iCloud backup.

This secure system created by Apple has a very important implication when considering unofficial Incio boat exchanges (Home), which even the iPhone 5 was a much simpler component of the device.

As warned today the The Guardian, the process of validating the user’s fingerprint data stored Secure Enclave with Touch ID s made by Apple itself.

In unofficial assistance there is only the change of the button itself, and any restoration / update of iOS can be everything to lose.

In such cases, the person sees a Error 53 and there’s nowhere to run: the device turns into a brick.

It gets even worse when we consider that this exchange violates Apple’s warranty terms, that is, it does not exchange the device for the user.

The tip is not to go down this path at all, just going to an Apple Retail Store or an Authorized Service Center that many do not do, either because they do not have a neighbor near where they live, or because they want to save on the service.

In this case, the cheap will be expensive very expensive.

(via TNW)