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Unity 2019.1 released, with Linux version coming out of Experimental phase

Unity Technologies has released a new version of its game engine, with the Linux version now being Preview mode.

  Unity 2019.1 released, Linux version coming out of Experimental phase

Even in this version of Unity, the Linux editor was treated as Experimental by the people of Unity Technologies, and having some release delay compared to the versions for Unity. Windows and macOS, but not anymore. As announced on the official blog, now the Linux version is like Preview and thus receive the updates along with the other platforms.

In order for them to achieve this result for Linux, they had to give some platform configuration priorities that are very interesting, such as:

– Operating Systems officially supported initially are the only Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and CentOS 7 with x86-64 architecture;

– GNOME desktop environment running on top of X11;

– Proprietary video driver for Nvidia it's the Table Driver for OMG (for now no Intel for GPUs.);

– High-Definition Render Pipeline with improvements and fewer tweaks (but some issues still remain, but minor), with support for Vulkan on Linux;

– Fixed "game is not responding" message on desktops with GNOME.

The list of improvements, bug fixes and new functions is huge, making reading very massive and tiring. But if you want to check them all out, you can check out post l on Unity's official blog.

It's great to see that an important tool for game development and other projects is now available on a non-experimental basis for Linux, thus opening up the range of options for any operating system to use. And you might also see some bugs in games using Unity get fixed as well.

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