United States moves forward with new accusation against Huawei for extortion and information theft

In all, Huawei and its CFO now face 16 conspiracy and extortion charges, noting that the Chinese company had a rewards program for its employees that obtained confidential information from its competitors.

"As part of the scheme, Huawei allegedly launched a policy that institutes a bonus program to reward employees who obtained confidential information from competitors," states the United States Department of Justice statement. "The policy makes it clear that employees who provide valuable information should be rewarded financially."

The document states that Huawei recruited employees from competing companies and also used professors and researchers in research departments in this process. In this way, they had access to the intellectual property of six North American technological companies, source code, internet router manuals, antenna technology and robotics.

The charges also cover four official Huawei subsidiaries and others referred to as unofficial, as well as the company's CFO. On this list are Huawei Device Co. Ltd. (Huawei Device), Huawei Device USA Inc. (Huawei USA), Futurewei Technologies Inc. (Futurewei) and Skycom Tech Co. Ltd. (Skycom). The practices allegedly extend to more than a decade.

The saga of the trade war between Huawei and the United States is long and culminated with the inclusion of the company in the "entity list" in May of last year, but there have been concerns about the Chinese manufacturer since 2011. Since that date, they have been made postponements to an effective blockade, the last moratorium of which would now end on February 18. At issue, there were "unacceptable risks" to national security, since the US claimed, albeit without evidence, that the Chinese company could be installing backdoors in its products to gain access to sensitive information.

Editor's Note: The news has been updated with more information. latest update 9h17