United States claims to have evidence of how Huawei has been spying on mobile networks since 2009

The saga of the trade war between Huawei and the United States has already spilled a lot of ink. Suspicions about the Chinese manufacturer have existed since 2011, but the effective blockade only materialized in May 2019, with the inclusion of Huawei on the black list of companies with which the US cannot have commercial relations. At issue, there were "unacceptable risks" to national security, since the US claimed, albeit without evidence, that the Chinese company could be installing backdoors in its products to gain access to sensitive information.

The United States now claims that there is evidence of Huawei's alleged espionage. The US government claims that the Chinese manufacturer has started to install backdoors in its products since 2009, when it started to market 4G mobile network infrastructure.

We have evidence that Huawei has the ability to access sensitive and personal data on the systems it develops and sells around the world, said Robert OBrien, White House national security adviser in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. Secret access doors have been introduced in equipment such as stations and antennas.

Although the evidence found by the United States has only become public now, the country would have shared it with countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany in late 2019. It is recalled that the Donald Trump government has been putting some pressure on its own allies to stop using Huawei equipment since 2018.

The Chinese manufacturer has repeatedly denied the United States' accusation. Representatives of Huawei told The Wall Street Journal that the company has never done and will never do anything that could compromise the safety of its customers. Huawei claims that its employees are not allowed to access networks without the approval of telecommunications operators.

Huawei has decided to respond to the United States' accusations and questions raised by The Wall Street Journal's report through a publication on its website and a series of Tweets. Referring to one of The Washington Post's most recent investigations, the company says the United States is being hypocritical as the country has been secretly accessing backdoors on global mobile networks to spy on other nations.