United States accuses Russia of testing technology capable of destroying satellites in space

It seems to be a matter of the Cold War, but in a current context.

The United States remains concerned about the suspicious movements in Russia, with the Department of Defense saying that the Putin government is conducting tests of new technologies in space that can be used to destroy other orbiting satellites in space.

On July 15, a Russian satellite called Kosmos 2543 released an unknown object into orbit, according to the United States Space Command, capable of detecting all objects.

That action was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense, which said that Kosmos 2543 would approach one of its satellites to conduct an inspection, something it has done frequently in recent years.

But during that inspection period he released the unknown object in space.

It is the second time this has happened, it seems.

In December 2019, the United States reported that Kosmos 2543 was launched by another satellite, Kosmos 2542, both of which appeared to be chasing its spy satellite called USA 245.

Those who are not satisfied with these movements in space are the US authorities, says The Verge, believing that it has the potential to create dangerous situations in space.

US Space Force leader John Raymond condemns the launch of the new projectile released by Kosmos 2543, saying it is proof of an armament system in space: The Russian satellite system used to conduct this weapons test in orbit around same system that we had been worried about earlier this year when Russia maneuvered one of its own against a US government satellite.

For the United States, the Kremlin continues to develop weapons that put American and its allies' resources at risk.

Although it is not strange for satellites to hitchhike other, smaller systems to be placed in space, as different space agencies do, concerns are raised, in this case, by the strange behavior of Russian devices.

These are said to move faster than normal.

Still, America's military leaders have no hard evidence that these devices are weapons.

Not least because in April, the United States confirmed the existence of tests, this time on the ground, of missile systems designed to fire at satellites in space.

System called Nudol.

John Raymond left the warning that the United States, in the face of these movements in Russia, could respond in order to protect the country and its interests in space.

These issues end up driving Donald Trump's thinking about the creation of Space Force, a new military branch of the United States, focused on space issues.

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