Unicre network advances with new ecommerce platform

The Unicre Network started selling a new ecommerce platform this week that brings news in terms of increasing security and ease of use of credit and debit cards in online payments, António Pereira Dias, Director of Unicre Network, said today at the conference Portugal Internet Week’09, which takes place today at the Picoas Forum.

The adoption of international 3D Secure standards is the basis for the development of the new Unicre ecommerce platform, which seeks to establish a system that guarantees greater security for users and merchants, but usability has not been put aside. The system can now be tried online, where a demo explains how to integrate into online stores.

“The lack of usability is one of the reasons why online commerce is no longer penetrating”, stresses António Pereira Dias, who compares electronic commerce transactions in Portugal and the European average to prove that we are still in an incipient phase. Currently, online sales represent only 0.5% of the Unicre Network’s business, while the European average amounts to 10%. “Our goal is to reach 5% in three years”, confirmed the official on the sidelines of the conference.

For now, the platform only has one merchant member, but the goal is to migrate all merchants from the card authentication platform to online purchases by the end of the first half of 2010, confirmed this responsible to TeK on the sidelines of the conference. The current network has 800 participating merchants, but António Pereira Dias believes that the current potential amounts to 1,500 traders.

The Unicre ecommerce platform can also help to increase the number of online merchants, not least because, according to the company, it is easy and cheap to implement, requiring little development on the part of the merchant, who will only have “a few hours” of technical development. The increase in the number of cards supported is also one of the characteristics welcomed by merchants.

The technical partnership was made with Monext, a French company that already works with several entities related to electronic commerce internationally. The operating mode means that no information is transmitted and stored on the website of the online store, since the confirmation of the data is carried out on the page opened on the Unicre Network website, which then transmits the confirmation of the transaction to the merchant, making the process more transparent.

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The system has some similarities with SIBS ‘MBnet, which António Pereira Dias admits is a competitor of the Unicre ecommerce network. Despite having been at the launch of this system supported by SIBS, the Unicre Network admits that this was a transition system until the new, safer standards were adopted.

Fatima Hunter