Underwater Google Street View documents Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

After dazzling the world with images of the Swiss Alps, the narrow locations of Europe, the dangerous paths through the snow and venturing into the rivers of the Amazon, Google Street View now takes its users to discover another world heritage site of humanity: the Great Coral Barrier, located between the beaches of northeastern Australia and Papua New Guinea.

“As of today, you can use Google Maps to find a sea turtle swimming among a school of fish, follow a ray and view the reef during sunset, just like any diving in the Great Barrier Reef,” published Brian McClendon, Vice President of Google Maps and Earth.

It does not stop there. Google also mapped Mount Apo, a volcanic island that is considered a marine reserve in the Philippines, where it houses a hundreds-year-old stone coral. Already in the middle of the Pacific, in Hawaii, Google Maps visitors can check out a coral reef in the Molokini crater.