Understand why the Playstation 5 may cost more than we expect

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Recently the Bloomberg website reported news about Sony's new console, the Playstation 5. According to the information, the company would be waiting for the announcement of the price of its competitor's console, the Xbox Series X, in order to define the sale value of the your video game.

After the Xbox Series X design was revealed during the Game Awards in December last year, and the PS5 logo shown at CES, many fans are waiting for images from the Sony console. Especially after rumors about the video game announcement will be this February (period when the PS4 was revealed in 2013), causing a huge increase in expectations.

PS5 logo. Source: SonyPS5 logo. Source: Sony

PS5 unit cost to be considerably higher compared to PS4

The Bloomberg website was after answers to find out the cost of manufacturing the console. Through sources close to the development of the PS5, it has been reported that the manufacturing cost per unit is approximately 450 dollars today. This high price can put the company in difficulties to convince its public to buy the new video game.

At the time the Playstation 4 was launched, its selling price was $ 400. The manufacturing cost of the PS4 was estimated at $ 381, allowing Sony to stay on track during the launch. If we use the example, the PS5 would cost US $ 470 to the final consumer.

Why will the price of PS5 be high?

According to the Bloomberg website, the DRAM and NAND flash memory, which will be used in the video game RAM and SSD for storage, causes the console to become more expensive. It was reported that recently the production lines of the device have faced a general difficulty with rising prices.

It was also said that Sony has already finalized the list of the vast majority of PS5 components. Even the cooling system, which is particularly expensive, due to the powerful hardware that generates a lot of heat and, consequently, this must be dissipated so that the structure does not overheat. Unlike the cooling system of other consoles (from Sony) costing less than 1 dollar, on Playstation 5, it would cost many dollars.

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