Understand why a lot of unofficial Instagram apps crashed

Do you use any unofficial client from Instagram? If the answer is yes, try opening it and see if everything is operating normally. It turns out that many applications stopped working last Wednesday (1/6), for not following the rules that were announced at the end of last year.

These rules were dictated by Instagram, limiting access to its API and establishing several deprivations for third party applications. All developers wishing to use the API now need to go through a strict review process.


To be approved, apps must follow these guidelines:

  • Apps that help people share their own content with third-party apps.
  • Apps that help brands and advertisers understand and manage their audience and media.
  • Apps that help content producers (broadcasters and publishers) discover content, acquire digital media rights, and share media by giving due credit.

The note released in November 2015 enforced the rule for new apps and allowed six months for apps released before the date to make the necessary modifications and stay active. However, many of these were taken in the air exactly on the scheduled day (1/6). These rules also extended to websites that used the API and are now down, with Gramfeed and Mixagram.

Although it sounds like a very drastic measure, it won't be the end of apps and websites that they will just get a more stringent screen. According to Instagram, this measure prevents malicious applications from accessing user data and using it illegally. Everyone can still submit their apps for review, and they say they'll be happy to review.

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(via MacRumors)