Understand how Apple Music's likes system works

Likes, likes whatever the name and the representative icon, this is one of the most used interactions today by online services.

You go there, enjoy the news / image / music and, in theory, the algorithms of the service in question will show you more content “similar” to the one you liked.

At the Apple Music everything a little different.

Jim Dalrymple (from The Loop, who has a lot of access to Apple executives) talked to people connected to the company's new music service to learn more about how like in him.

Imagine that you are listening to a rock radio and suddenly you start playing a song that you think is very good, but consider it of another genre (as an alternative, for example).

If you like it, will I be seeing more songs of this genre on a radio that was supposed to play rock? And if you ignore it and don't like the music, maybe it won't be played again, maybe even on the alternative radio? Wouldn't enjoying the music be equivalent to telling the system that you don't like it?

Apple's radios work differently than other services.

According to the company, everything is done and selected manually by people so that the sequence is very pleasant to the famous human curatorship.

All this so that you don't have to "skip" the songs.

So, if you enjoy (touch the heart) while a certain song is playing, do you know what happens? Nothing.

Apple Music on iPhones

It actually happens, but not at the radio stations.

Enjoying a particular song will not cause it or similar tracks to be played more often.

The radio will continue with exactly the same programming regardless of its liking since everything is done / selected by people, and not by algorithms.

Your interaction with Ma's likes and algorithms takes action in the “Para Voc” tab, where the company recommends playlists, albums and songs adapted to your taste taking into account not only the songs you like on the radio like the ones you add to your library and the ones you play in full.

If you like music but don't feel like listening to it at that moment, you don't have to worry: you can skip it in a good way, that is not taken into account.

As Dalrymple explained, there are a number of reasons that can make a person skip a song besides disliking it, which is why it is not interpreted as something negative.

You realized that now we are talking about features which are controlled by Apple Music algorithms, right? And the thing remains: if you really like an artist / band or music and want to create a station based on it, just touch and hold the album / music for a few seconds and choose the option "Start Broadcaster" .

A, instead of a heart, we will have a star, but it does influence the dynamics of the station.

When you star a song, you automatically inform that you want to hear more songs like it.

Good tips, right?