Understand a bit of Pokmon history!

Understand a bit of Pokmon history!

Yes, you may have heard about Pokmon Go, here on the site we have already talked about the new phenomenon of augmented reality at least twice in recent days. But aside from the obvious knowledge on the topic, do you really know what Pokmon is?

Yes, Pokmon came from the dream of collecting insects.

Pokmon is a Japanese creation. The person responsible for this, Satoshi Tajiri, was inspired by the childhood dream of collecting insects. The game in series was developed by Game Freak and released by Nintendo. Pokmon's golden age was the late 1990s, early 2000s, and began with Pokmon Red & Blue, which was announced in conjunction with Game Boy in the United States in 1998. With the success, the game was launched in other countries. countries around the world, like Brazil.

KOTAKU pokemon red blue
Each version of Pokmon's first game, red and blue, featured unique Pokmons / kotaku

What the hell is a Pokmon?

The first game was essentially role-playing games (RPGs), in which players take on role roles and create collaborative narratives, including cities, forests and valleys. The country, called Kanto, was inhabited by strange and adorable creatures, the Pokmons, which players should capture using the Pokeballs and add them to the insect catalog, train them and make them fight.

The morality of keeping creatures prey inside small red and white balls and training them for violent and exhausting battles completely ignored in the Pokmon universe.

The first Pokmon game had 151 Pokemon spread across Kanto and used the phrase "gotta catch'em all"- translated to" gotta get it "in Brazil – to motivate players to complete their Pokdex, a kind of encyclopedia with all existing Pokemon. 720 Pokemon in the sixth generation of games.

Pokmon Go Marks a Colossal Step for the Franchise

While Nintendo feared the concept would not appeal to the Western market, it was a huge success, spawning a collectible card game and a series of anime for TV, which popularized "Ash" and "Pikachu" as the franchise's faces. The term Pokmania came to identify all related merchandise, movies and toys that appeared, generating millions of dollars and launching the stratosphere Pokemon.

Demand for new Pokmon games has practically not diminished. The latest series (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire) were released in 2014 and became the UK's most successful Pokmon release.

Pokmon Go

The concept behind Pokmon Go started as an April 1 joke in 2014. Niantic, which once belonged to Google, teamed up with Nintendo to create a YouTube video that announced the Pokmon Challenge, a Google Maps-based quest that would reward the best hunters with the title of Pokmon Master.

This joke was short-lived, but formed a lasting relationship between Niantic and Nintendo. The idea of ​​developing an augmented reality Pokmon game began to take shape, and in 2015 The Pokmon Company announced that Niantic and Nintendo were working together to produce Pokmon Go.

The game tracks users' movement through their avatars on a real world map using GPS. Spread around the world are PokStops, which can be used to get Pokeballs and other items, and gymnasiums where players can train their Pokemon.

When a Pokmon appears on the map, the player can touch it on the screen. When this is done, the Pokmon appears in augmented reality, superimposed image seen by the smartphone camera, allowing the hunter to throw Pokeballs on it until capturing it.

AndroidPIT pokemon go 8754
Pokmon Go uses a stylized map to show its surroundings / AndroidPIT

Pokmon Go was launched in the United States, Australia, Japan and New Zealand not so long ago and was very successful. Stories and news on the Internet tell their metric climb, above Tinder and on their way to Twitter. Tales of innocent deception, theft, and accidents also emerged, all of which increased the publicity and interest about the game.

Niantic's servers were overwhelmed by the amount of people playing Pokmon Go, which eventually delayed the international launch of the game. Users from South America, Asia and Europe are still waiting to be able to play through official channels.

AndroidPIT pokemon go 8840
With Pokmon Go you will have to do some walking around. / AndroidPIT

At the moment, the game is a focus of global attention and probably an important milestone in mobile games, augmented reality and smartphone apps. If you can maintain and increase your success, only time will tell, but Pokemon, from their humble beginnings of a child collecting insects in the streams and forests of rural Japan, have found a lucrative path in which Pokmon Go represents a colossal step towards franchise.

Did you know that Pokmon has had a fever for 20 years? When did you first contact Pokmon?

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