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Unc0ver jailbreak tool now brings full support for A12 chip devices[X]

Just one month ago, we are talking here that the jailbreak unc0ver had been updated with partial support for Apple chip devices A12 and A12X. The "partial", however, was quite limiting, as agents did not have the ability to inject code into recent devices. Now this is over.

The tool development team announced the launch of the unc0ver 3.7, which features full support for A12 (X) chip devices running iOS 12.4. This means you can unlock devices like XS iPhones, XS Max and XRas well as the iPad Air and mini 2019, and install the famous repository Cydia on them.

Remember that unc0ver a tool semi-tetheredThen you need to reapply it every time you restart your device. Anyway, the very simple process is just that you run the appropriate application on your device.

Unc0ver as a whole supports the jailbreak devices running from iOS 11.0 to 12.4 (excluding 12.3-12.3.2).

tip of Anderson Silva