“Unboxing” of the 24 “LED Cinema Display, first impressions

"Unboxing" of the 24 "LED Cinema Display, first impressions

It has been a while since Apple announced the new generation of Cinema LED Displays for now only available in a 24-inch version, but only this week were the first units shipped to consumers. O Ars Technica brought comments about the product and the AppleInsider published super cool photos.

The technical description given previously really covered a good part of its characteristics, except that it does not have an outside box (embedded inside the monitor, which is great). In addition, it does not have an on / off button: it is smart and works based on the Mac to which it is connected, unplugged, turned off.

A close-up analysis shows that its pixels are arranged diagonally, unlike the screen of the iMacs, in which they are positioned side by side. Like the new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro, however, glossy go to displease many, but apparently the future that Apple has decided for its displays. Even so, the image quality and angle of view are superior to those of competing products, especially those at low cost.

With a look very similar to that of iMacs, built-in speakers, integrated iSight, 3 USB ports and a cable with MagSafe, the LED Cinema Display almost looks like a computer all-in-one complete. Now the rest of the line is missing (20 and 30 inches) to migrate to the new look.